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Private Sewing Lesson technique based.

Are you interested in fashion school, but don't have the time or money?
Have you been trying to sew for years and just want better results?
Are you a novice interested in getting in the sewing room for the first time?
Then the Fundamentals classes are the ones for you!
These classes are for those who are serious about learning how to sew.
We offer 24 different courses to choose from, that can be taken in any order (class #1 and #2 are prerequisites).
As always, we provide you with a relaxing and warm environment for learning and have the best instructors who are passionate about teaching. 
For those who complete the necessary 24 courses, we will give a Certificate of Completion in the sewing techniques and construction skills.
This certificate proves your completion and can be used to gain employment, should you choose to follow a career in fashion. 

  1. All about fabric, thread, needles, equipment, sewing fundamentals.
  2. All about cutting fabric.
  3. All about pleats, tucks and gather.
  4. All about facings, lining, interfacing.
  5. All about darts.
  6. All about seam techniques. 
  7. All about hem techniques.
  8. All about bias, Hong Kong finish, binding, joining bias.
  9. All about basic commercial patterns alteration.
  10. All about plackets, neck, sleeves.
  11. All about pockets, welt, side, top.
  12. All about buttons and button holes.
  13. All about flat pattern making: Pants slopers.
  14. All about flat pattern making: Bodice.
  15. All about pattern making: Sleeves.
  16. All about flat pattern making: Skirts.
  17. All about collar.
  18. All about stitches.
  19. All about sleeves.
  20. All about zippers.
  21. All about slits.
  22. All about serger.
  23. All about waist band.
  24. All about basic alteration.

Extra Classes:
 25. All about Leather
 26. All about Serger
 27. All about Heirloom sewing

  • Each Class: $65 per 1.5 hour private sessions. Buy the whole package of 24 classes for $1,400
  • Private Lesson setting -  supplies included. 
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